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Is He Emotionally Attracted To Me?

  • April 23, 2017
  • / By Blayne Ketcham

Is He Emotionally Attracted to Me Or Am I Crazy?

OK – honest question ladies… have you seriously asked yourself, “Is he emotionally attracted to me or am I forcing a scenario into reality?”

Nothing compares to being in a relationship. That’s the moment when you feel as if you’re an irreplaceable part of the other person’s life. At the same time, you have the feeling like you can offer something valuable back. You desire that emotional attraction and bond and you feel the signs are all around you. But are they?

You feel as if you can be there for your partner whenever he needs you. However, relationships are often a source of confusion, and women may find themselves asking if their relationship is going anywhere.

Can I let myself fall for him?

You are afraid to put yourself out there and be 100% involved in a relationship unless you can testify that he’s in the same place as you.

The bad news is that the man in your life gives you a hard time when it comes to showing his emotions. So, he doesn’t really make it easy on you. He leaves you guessing as to whether he’s feeling the same as you. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t discourage you.

Men are different than women. They are resistant to speaking openly about their willingness to commit, but their actions will portray how they feel towards you. Watch the hips and not the lips. We’re not aliens, we’re just different, and that’s what makes everything more interesting and worth fighting for… right?

So, if your boyfriend does the following things, it’s clear that he is emotionally attached to you.

He listens to you

We all have ears and we listen to each other when talking. But, when I’m saying that a genuinely interested man will listen to you, I’m referring to the fact that he’ll be eager to pay attention to whatever you have to say. He’ll ask you about your day, about your feelings, and he’ll be interested to hear you talk about whatever is going on in your life. This means he has some sort of attraction on an emotional level and wants more than “what you can shake”.

For instance, a simple gesture such as asking you about your day and listening to you, may testify he’s emotionally attached. Also, if he remembers details about you, such as the name of your pet, or your late aunt or grandmother, that is further confirmation that he has taken an interest. It’s hard for a man to let go once he has a deep-rooted interest in you.

He treats you with respect

When a man is emotionally attracted to a woman, he does more than calling her to hook up. As previously outlined, his behavior will show that, since men are action-oriented. On that account, respect is the ultimate sign showcasing that he is genuinely interested in you. In other words, your partner places value on your opinions, principles, and beliefs, and he’s attentive to your feelings – he dreads hurting you or making you suffer in any way.

Being involved in a relationship that lacks respect is dangerous since respect is the essential ingredient that will make that relationship work, long-term.

Respect means comprehending that the other person isn’t like you, neither a reflection, nor a continuation of you. But, your partner is a unique individual who has a set of beliefs and principles that define him. You should aim at understanding his needs and wishes, and be there for him, whatever may come your way. Also, respect means accepting the other person without trying to change him according to your wishes.

He initiates many things

If your boyfriend is emotionally attached to you, he’ll initiate contact with you. You won’t need to ask yourself, “Is he emotionally attracted to me?” In other words, he’ll call you to see how you’re doing in order to get together. He won’t wait for you to call him. That’s fine too, but he’ll be eager to initiate contact and find ways to spend more and more time together. A guy who longs to spend time with his woman is a KEEPER.

You know deep down whether he is really interested. If you are doubting – then that isn’t a very strong confirmation of his feelings is it?

He immerses you in his life

A man who wants to be in a serious relationship with a woman won’t hesitate to introduce her to his best friends. As a matter of fact, he’ll be more than eager to do that. To put it roughly, when he takes the initiative to introduce you to his family and closest buddies, it’s clear as the sky is blue; he’s into you and he won’t be leaving your side anytime soon.

From my experience, this gesture is one of the main signs that mirror a man’s emotional attachment. It means he is proud to be with you and wants you to fit in the group of people he typically hangs out with. That’s why a woman tends to complain when a man she’s been dating for a while has not yet introduced her to his family or friends.

Again, it comes down to watching the hips and not the lips…

He is open with you

Another clear indicator of emotional attachment is the gift of giving himself to you. When a man embraces a giving & caring lifestyle, it goes without saying that he’s trying to portray his unyielding affection. At least that’s the way I typically show interest in my woman. I share my life with her and talk about the way in which I feel, my past experiences, my thoughts, beliefs and so on.

It means a lot to a woman when a man opens up in front of her, particularly in our present day context, when openness is perceived as a vulnerability. That’s why whenever your man does have the courage to foster this intimacy, make sure you don’t drive him away with the wrong attitude by being judgmental. It will have an unfavorable impact on your relationship, and might cause him to shut his feeling down, permanently.

He puts time aside for you

There’s nothing I dislike more than people saying they don’t have time to do this or that. It’s called MAKING time. If someone was to receive one million dollars and all they had to do was make time, rest assured they would find a way.

I know that everyone’s time is limited, as we are all busy, have a hectic schedule, a job and many things on our long to-do lists. Nonetheless, there’s a huge difference between being busy for an entire month and not being able to make it to dinner once. One cannot claim for weeks in a row, that he doesn’t have time for dinner, but when it comes to sex, there will be plenty of time for that!

I guess you know what I’m talking about…

When a man is emotionally attached to a woman, he’ll move mountains to clear up his schedule and be with her. Even if it’s only for an hour, to only endlessly gaze into her eyes and tell her she looks gorgeous in her new comfy clothes. While the physical aspect of a relationship is important as well, it’s the time a couple spends together that ties them into a solid unit.

The physical plays a role at the beginning and then it’s a constant source of attraction and “fire” that intertwines itself into the emotional bond.

Spend some time in meditation. Ask yourself, “Is he emotionally attracted to me?” The answer may surprise you when you truly think about it.

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