Questions, Advertising, & Media

Would you like to interview Blayne regarding dating advice or anything to do with relationships? This is the place to get in touch. Not all requests are agreed upon, depending on the publication or topic.

Topics which are likely to be agreed upon for an interview (print, web or audio) include topics of:

  • Men and their weaknesses
  • Understanding male/female behavior
  • Relating to different kinds of men
  • Dealing with emotional issues
  • Increasing sexual tension
  • Value and integrity of a woman
  • Failed relationships and problems
  • Communication
  • Men’s hidden desires
  • Relationship problems
  • Dealing with an EX
  • etc.

For advertising questions or general feedback, please use the email below.

blayne (at)

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Ogdensburg, NY 13669-2208
(315) 605-7095